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Slabs, tables, anti-vibration and communication solutions.

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  • Balance slabs
  • Balance tables
  • Anti-vibration


Anti-Vibration Pad

Part #?75263 Product DescriptionPad,Anti Vibration NR W/AL 50+/-5 Durometer 4 x 4 x 1/2 To Place Under The Foot of a Balance

Clean Room Table, Granite

Part #?83780 Product DescriptionTable,Cleanroom Balance 24 W x 35 L x 32 H x 2 in thick. Shipping weight approx 600 lb Clean Room Compliant, Delivery 3-4 weeks ARO

Standard Balance Slab, Kasota Stone

Part #?83779 Product DescriptionSlab,Balance Kasota Stone Standard balance slab, 15 x 20 x 3 inches. Shipping weight is approx 100lb. Includes 4 pads

Standard Balance Table, Kasota Stone

Part #?83778 Product DescriptionTable,Balance Standard Standard balance table, 24 x 35 x 32 x 3 inches thick. Shipping weight approx 700lb. Includes Box Hardware. Made of Kasota (similar to Marble) stone quarried in Minnesota. Hardware packaged separately and shipped together with the stone. Truck shipment is required.

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