CLS-920i Forklift Scale Wireless Version


The CLS-920i Wireless Version forklift scale mounts directly to any Class II or III lift truck and comes with the added diagnostic and programmable features of Rice Lake’s powerful 920i indicator. (with no cables connecting to the scale mounted on the forks)

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Scale Carriage
  • Compatible with Class II 16 in (H) or Class III 20 in (H) forklift cleat?type carriages
  • Out of level NTEP Certified tolerance at seven degrees pitch and roll, three?degrees side to side
  • 1 1/2 in – thick front and back painted steel plates coupled by four flexures
  • Top cleats are welded, pinned and bolted
  • Welded centering pin
  • Two 5,000 lb s-beam load cells
  • Updated iQube2 junction box with inclinometer
920i Indicator
  • (W x H) 4.6 x 3.4 in, back lit LCD graphical display (320 x 420 pixels)
  • Standard user program with data collection and limited transaction storage?including selectable tracking number, employee ID, pallet dimensions, product?and customer fields. Selectable built in applications such as checkweigh,?accumulation, auto store and more. See operators guide for more details.
  • Front panel calibration or calibrate through iQUBE2 junction box using?Revolution software
  • 64,000 lb user on-board RAM with storage for 50 product tables and?300 weighments
  • On/Off switch to conserve forklift battery life
  • Painted mild steel enclosure
  • Two piece top cage indicator mounting assembly with vibration mounts
  • Two available RS-232 ports for added options of scanner, Wi-Fi or printer
  • 10-60 VDC power supply for use on propane or electric forklifts


Scale Capacity:
28in and 34in: 5,000lb x 5lb NTEP Certified
38in: 8,000lb x 5lb non-type approved

Scale Material/Finish:
Stainless steel

920i Dimensions:
(W x L x H): 10.5in x 11.2in x 4.5in (266mm x 217mm x 114mm)

920i Power – DC:
Line voltage: 10 ? 60 VDC, DC input
Power consumption: 1.5 A max fused at 5.0 A

920i Operating Temperature:
Legal: 14?F to 104?F (-10C to 40C)
Industrial: 14?F to 122?F (-10C to 50C)

Wireless LAN Option:
Range: Up to 328ft indoors
Operating Frequency: ISM 2.4GHz

Two-year limited warranty

NTEP CC 06-074 (5,000lb only) per H-44 at 1,000 divisions


96355 Ind OPT,Wireless Communication WiFi Forklift Scale 920i
167498 Cable,Extension 2 Meters 125395 Coiled Cable Extension, Straight, Molded Turk PN BSM BKM 5-084-2
166161 Power Line Filter, CLS DC EMI FIlter, 0-75 VDC input voltage, 100 Vdc surge.
166162 Converter,DC-DC CLS 18-75 VDC Input, 12 VDC Output Chasis Mount
96252 Cable,Signal LFT Black iQube 1 to Indicator, coiled cable, forklift scale
188097 Cable,Adapter CLS 5 pin to 10 pin black coiled cable
162321 Cable ASSY,CLS iQube2 5 Pin To 10 Pin, Forklift iQube2 Cable Assembly Upgrade Kit Convert 10 Pin Black Coiled Cable To iQube2
188193 CLS Calibration Hook Set


67421 Scale PKG,CLS920,iQube2.3 28in. Wireless, Class II, 5,000 X 5lb, 10-60VDC, NTEP, Include Batteries and Charger
171809 Scale PKG,CLS920,iQube2.3 34in. Wireless,Class II,5,000 X 5lb,10-60VDC,NTEP Batteries and Charger
167413 Scale PKG,CLS920,iQube2.3 38in., Wireless, Class III, 8,000 x 5lb, 10-60VDC, Includes Batteries And Charger

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