CLS Series Forklift Scale



Forklift Questionnaire

Scale Carriage

  • 28 in (Class II), 5,000 × 5 lbs, NTEP Certified
  • 34 in (Class II), 5,000 × 5 lbs, NTEP Certified
  • 38 in (Class III), 8,000 × 5 lbs, non-NTEP
  • 1-1/2 in thick front and back painted steel plates coupled by four flexures
  • Top cleats are welded, pinned and bolted
  • Welded centering pin
  • Two 5,000 lb s-beam load cells
  • iQUBE2® junction box with inclinometer
  • Molded coiled cable, up to 15 ft uncoiled
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The CLS-680 was designed from the ground-up specifically for forklift applications. With a machined aluminum anodized enclosure, the CLS-680 is ideal for demanding, general-purpose forklift applications. Its compact size is attached with a RAM® mount for flexible positioning and minimal obstruction. Additional features include rounded corners, vibration protection and surge suppression.

  • Machined aluminum enclosure with anodized finish
  • Six-digit, seven-segment LED display
  • Battery backed time & date
  • On/Off power switch
  • 9 to 36 VDC power supply
  • Cabled or cable-less
  • RS-232 serial port
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth®


The CLS-920i is a version of the 920i specifically designed for the CLS. It incorporates the flexibility, intelligence and programmability of the 920i in a smaller enclosure with a DC power supply for use on forklifts. The standard program offers weight indication, configuration, calibration and diagnostics specific to the CLS. Customize it for your application with an optional user program.

  • Painted mild steel enclosure
  • Backlit graphical LCD display
  • Battery backed time and date
  • On/Off power switch
  • 10 to 60 VDC power supply
  • Cabled or cable-less
  • Two available RS-232 ports for added options
  • Optional Wi-Fi
  • Optional Bluetooth®


Weight data is displayed on a device using VIRTUi3 software, creating a virtual indicator. The CLS connects to your device using RS-232, USB or Bluetooth®. Choose between the CLS-M or CLS-IM configuration for static or in-motion use.

  • Weight indication device (PC/tablet) is not included.
  • Consult factory to verify compatibility with your device.
  • Bluetooth® connection available
  • USB connection available

    CLS Series Display Options


    The cableless option removes the coiled communication/power cable between the scale and the indicator. A rechargeable battery is secured to the scale and it powers the scale and the paired wireless modules provide communication.

    • 802.15 wireless interface
    • Lithium-ion battery and charger
    • On/Off power switch
    • Battery life: 24 hours of constant use
    • Battery recharge time: 8 hours to fully recharge
    • Reinforced battery box welded to top cover


    Wi-Fi is a standard feature for the CLS-680 and is available as a factory installed option for the CLS-920i.

    • Wireless LAN card 802.11 B/G
    • Range: Up to 328 ft indoors
    • Operating frequency: ISM 2.4 GHz


    Bluetooth® communication is a standard feature for the CLS-680 and is available as an external option for the 920i. It is also available in a communications/power box for the virtual solution.


CLS Series Dimensions


CLS Dimensions Class II
28 in, 5,000 lb
A 28.00 in (711 mm) E 19.50 in (495 mm)
B 30.00 in (762 mm) F 4.49 in (114 mm)
C 16.00 in (406 mm) G 21.80 in (554 mm)
D 16.29 in (414 mm) H 28.24 in (717 mm)
34 in, 5,000 lb
A 34.00 in (864 mm) E 19.50 in (495 mm)
B 36.00 in (914 mm) F 4.49 in (114 mm)
C 16.00 in (406 mm) G 21.80 in (556 mm)
D 16.29 in (413 mm) H 34.24 in (870 mm)
CLS Dimensions Class III
38 in, 8,000 lb
A 38.00 in (965 mm) E 24.50 in (622 mm)
B 40.00 in (622 mm) F 6.04 in (153 mm)
C 20.00 in (508 mm) G 26.68 in (678 mm)
D 20.15 in (512 mm) H 38.00 in (965 mm)

CLS Classes and ID Plates

During the initial scale installation, remind the customer that they must have an updated ID plate on the forklift stating the new lifting capacity and center of gravity information. This is required per OSHA rules and regulations.

. 28 Inch 34 Inch 38 Inch
Vertical center of gravity (VCG) of scale = 8.06 8.06 10.15
Horizontal center of gravity (HCG) of scale = 2.09 2.09 2.83
Effective thickness (ET) of scale = 4.55 4.55 6.06
Weight of scale = 392 420 987

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