Frontier? 5000 Series Micro


Dependable Benchtop Micro Centrifuges, Ideal for High-speed Lab Applications
Frontier? Micro centrifuges offer a 1.5 / 2 ml microtube rotor with a biocontainment option. Additional rotor options support 5 ml microtubes, spin columns, PCR stripes, and hematocrit capillary tubes.
  • Designed for ease of operation, Frontier Micro centrifuges feature convenient controls on an intuitive interface, allowing responsive operation ? even when wearing gloves.
  • Packaging all their functionality within a small footprint, Frontier Micro centrifuges save valuable space on the lab bench.
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    • Applications??Centrifugation
    • Display??LCD, Backlight, 2 lines
    • Operation??AC Power (Included)
    • Communication??N/A
    • Construction??Brushless quiet motor, small footprint
    • Design Features??High sample throughput,multi-safety control, personal program function



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