Frontier™ 5000 Series Multi


Reliable and Compact Multi-Function Centrifuges Ideal for General Lab Applications
  • Designed for ease of operation, Frontier™ Multi Centrifuges feature convenient control on an intuitive interface, which allows for responsive operation – even when wearing gloves.
  • Frontier™ Multi Centrifuges can accommodate standard 50ml and 15ml tubes, including common blood tubes. When used with accessories, rotors can be adapted for sizes as small as 1.5ml.
  • Enclosing all its functionalities within a small footprint, Frontier™ Multi Centrifuges save valuable space on the lab bench.
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  • Applications   Centrifugation
  • Display   LCD, Backlight, 2 lines
  • Operation   AC Power (Included)
  • Communication    N/A
  • Construction    Brushless quiet motor, small footprint
  • Design Features   Easy installation design


Frontier 5706 US_DS_80774782FC

5707 Datasheet US 80775548


  • Model #:  FC5707+R05       Speed Range     200 rpm – 6,800 rpm     Maximum Relative Centrifuge Force (x g)      4,445 g         Maximum Capacity (Rotor)       8 x 15 ml
  • Model #:  FC5706 120V      Speed Range     200 rpm – 6,000 rpm     Maximum Relative Centrifuge Force (x g)      4,427 g          Maximum Capacity (Rotor)      6 x 50 ml
  • Model #:  FC5706 230V     Speed Range      200 rpm – 6,000 rpm     Maximum Relative Centrifuge Force (x g)      4,427 g         Maximum Capacity (Rotor)      6 x 50 ml

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