iDimension® Flex Series Parcel and Pallet Dimensioning System


The iDimension Flex Series brings state-of-the-art dimensioning technology to shipping and logistics professionals. Ensure accurate dimensions on your bill of lading and protect against costly invoice corrections from LTL carriers by integrating automatic dimensioning systems.

The iDimension Flex Series is available in two different configurations: free-standing and suspended. Both versions provide clear access to the dimensioning zone. When the iDimension Flex is installed above a conveyor or pallet stretch wrapper, you can efficiently wrap, weigh and dimension freight in one step. A center sensor can be added to the junction box on iDimension Flex systems to accurately capture dimensions of freight wrapped in black plastic.

The iDimension Flex Series is available with four or five sensors to measure cuboidal or irregular freight. The system can be suspended from the ceiling or be free-standing to meet the needs of your operation. A two-sensor version can also be installed above a conveyor to dimension parcels longer than 48 inches.

When shipment dimensions are measured, the iDimension Flex also captures color images to record shipment condition before it leaves your facility. These images can then be used to hold freight carriers
accountable for any damages.

iDimension Flex systems provide OIML and NTEP Certified Legal for Trade dimensions for best-in-class accuracy. Carriers are less likely to audit freight that is measured with Legal for Trade dimensioners, which increases efficiency in their operations and may lead to savings for shippers.

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  • Available with two or four sensors
  • Floor mounted free-standing frame, or suspend from the ceiling
  • One high resolution camera (one additional camera available)
  • Install/integrate with a floor scale, conveyor or pallet stretch wrapper
  • Easy two-person assembly


  • Kiosk pedestal base available
  • Second high resolution camera
  • Additional sensor to assist reading black stretch film


Power Requirements:
110 to 240 VAC
25 ft (7.62 m) U.S. power cable includedCommunication Ports:
Ethernet TCP/IP, USB, Serial RS232
Operating Temperature:
14 °F to 104 °F (-10 °C to 40 °C)Humidity:
0 to 90% non-condensingMeasurement Capability

Min: 12 × 12 × 12 in (300 × 300 × 300 mm)
Max: 72 × 72 × 96 in (1,828 × 1,828 × 2,438 mm)
Two-year limited
Five-year limited, sensors onlyApprovals:
CE Marked
MID Certified


200168 iDim PWD/Flex Camera Kit option including camera, cabling and hardware

219194 Pedestal, iDim Flex Bolt on pedestal option for the Flex kiosk 219193
220137 80/20 IDIM KIOSK MOUNT Kit for Flex kiosk 219193.

212260 ACCESSORY SHELF, For PWD and Flex kiosk
220146 Flex Option 5th (center) Remote Sensor Kit w/Mounting Hardware and cables , for use with suspended sensor arrays with top mounted jbox.
219618 iDimension Flex, Option 2 Sensor Array Ceiling Mount Kit, 25ft Ceiling Height Max
205283 iDimension LTL XL,Option 80/20 S & G Ceiling Mount Kit, 25ft Ceiling Height Max
188757 iDim Hanging Hardware Kit Hanger Assy, wires, and hardware
194215 Qubevu Manager Annual License Fee
214187 Scale,Floor Roughdeck 5x5HC-2,500 5ftx5ftx3-1/2in 2,500KG LMB Mild Steel, Painted Matte Black, w/o Quick Connect, iDimension LTL Special
213921 Scale,Floor Roughdeck 5x5HP-5K 5ftx5ftx3-1/2 5000lb 20ft w/o Quick Connect NTEP III 5 Steel Painted Matte Black,iDimension LTL Special
86873 Bumper Guard, Roughdeck HP 5ft long, OPT C, 10K or smaller, 3x3x1/4 Angle, 5/8 Diameter Holes
213999 Ramp,Roughdeck 5ftW x 4ftL x 3-1/2 1,000 – 10,000lb Steel Painted Matte Black

Indicator,680 Plus Universal LED Display, 115-230VAC Power Supply, US Power Cord With RJ-45

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