MSI-4300 Port-A-Weigh Plus Crane Scale


The MSI-4300 is an established crane scale for medium to heavy capacity fishing and marine scale applications requiring a large LCD display.

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  • Crane unit with six-digit, 1.6 in (40 mm) LED display
  • Top lifting eye or shackle, bottom thrust bearing swivel hook
  • 12 volt rechargeable battery and universal 115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz battery charger (NA plug standard)
  • Meets or exceeds OSHA, ANSI, ASME and other safety design standards (5:1 Ultimate Safety Factor)


?0.1% +1 d?of applied load

3,000 to 5,000 d standard (Up to 10,000 d available)

NEMA Type?4, IP66, marine grade 356 alloy anodized cast aluminum

Top Lifting Eye, Shackle & Hook:
Crosby or equal with 360? thrust-bearing swivel hook

Design Overload:
200% Safe / 500% Ultimate (except where noted)

Power, zero, net/gross, tare and programmable test/user

6 digit, 1.6 in (40 mm) LCD (upper) 8 digit, 0.8 in
(20 mm) LCD (lower) with adjustable display contrast

Displayable Units:
Pounds, kilograms, tons, and metric tons selectable

12 V rechargeable battery. 115/230 VAC battery charger included

Operating Time:
300 hours with typical use

Operating Temperature:
5?F to 122?F (-15?C to 50?C)

OFF, LO, Medium and HI selectable

One-year limited

NTEP CC 92-176 – 5,000 lb (2,500 kg) ? ? Measurement Canada AM-4984


  • D-cell battery option, provides up to 2,000 hours of operation
  • Substitute bottom swivel hook with shackle
  • Oversized top-lifting eye or shackle
  • Oversized bottom hook
  • Universal direct power supply; 85-265 VAC, 47-440 Hz / 130-300 VDC
  • Low headroom top adapter
  • Audible setpoint alarm
  • NTEP Certified configuration
  • Custom top and bottom interfaces
  • Crane Scale Cart

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