All stainless steel construction, this tank mount assembly uses a hermetically sealed beam load cell with a blind load hole that has a flat loading surface. Expansion and contraction due to thermal changes and side load from external forces are handled with rocker pin mounting. After the side load has been removed the mount will recenter itself using the rocker pin. This mount is unequalled for repeatability. Overload and overlift protection. Integral lateral stops. 2 mv/v, 0.03% combined error, 350/350 ohms, 15 ft 4 cond cable, 30 ft on 10K, stainless steel load cell and mount.

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4  RTM-4K  4,000lb  19.00
 8  US-THC-500 beam only  500lb  3.00
 9  US-THC-1.25K beam only  1,250lb  3.00
 10  US-THC-2.5K beam only  2,500lb  3.00
 11  US-THC-4K beam only  4,000lb  3.00
 12  US-THC-5K beam only  5,000lb  4.00
 13  US-THC-10K beam only  10,000lb  6.00

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