Summit® 3000 Scale Base


Our Summit 3000 floor scale is an economical choice for a broad range of industrial weighing tasks, with a durable low-profile deck that fits well into many material handling environments. This Legal for Trade scale also features threaded eyebolt holes for easy lifting from the center of the deck.

All of our floor scales, unless specified otherwise, are built with lifting holes to assist our dealers during installation, or to later service the scales. The lifting holes are not the same size on all of our scales and in the PDF on the Resources tab, you will find a chart that lists the standard size and quantity of eyebolts needed for our scales.

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  • Four NTEP Certified alloy steel shear beam load cells
  • Top-access junction box
  • Rugged diamond safety treadplate steel deck
  • Four adjustable rigid polyurethane rubber feet, 3 in (76 mm) diameter
  • Signal trim summing board housed in ABS enclosure
  • Threaded eyebolt hole (1/2-20NF) located in the center of the deck for easy lifting
  • 20 ft of EL147 load cell cable. The load cell cable exits weldment toward the interior of scale, allowing flexibility to route out any side of scale to digital weight indicator.


End Load Capacity:
100% full scale at 2,000 lb and 5,000 lb
80% full scale at 10,000 lb

Cable Length: 
20 ft (6.1 m) for connecting junction box to indicator

Threaded Eyebolt:
Hole (1/2-20 NF) located in center of deck for easy lifting

Warranty (limited):
Weldment and load cells two-years, all other components one-year

NTEP CC 92-001A9, Class III 5,000 d
Measurement Canada AM-5530, Class III 5,000 d (2,500 kg, 5,000 kg) 2,000 d (1,000 kg)

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