T300DW Filling Scales


  • 30,000 lb (15,000 kg) to 40,000 lb (20,000 kg) Capacities
  • Accuracy of ?1% of Reading
  • Large, Easy-to-Read, LCD Display
  • Solar Power Provides up to One Year of Battery Life with Daytime, Outdoor Use
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Fully Integrated RFX? Wireless Weighing Technology!

Utilizing the same proven technology of the PT300? wheel load scale, the PT300DW? Filling Scale boasts a billet aluminum scale surface designed to withstand the increased pressure created by the small contact patch of trailer front support gear.

Like its wheel load relative, the PT300DW? Filling Scale is designed to take on heavy loads on unimproved surfaces. Accurately measuring payload weights not only keeps equipment form being damaged through overloading, but allows the operator to better track material inventory and transaction amounts. These all-aluminum scales are fully electronic and capable of weighing up to 40,000 lb?(30,000 kg) with an accuracy of ?1%.

The PT300DW? Filling Scales also feature attached wheels for easy movement and adjustment. With these roller wheels, the operator can easily transport to the scale to the worksite, while also allowing for easier placement to ensure accurate measurement. The scale is compatible with a host of other products, including the PT300? and AX900?. The wireless feature also allows these scales to be used to capture weight data for a variety of other objects.

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