Traffic Light Kits


Traffic Light Kits from Rice Lake offer industrial-strength lighting systems that will professionally communicate the universal red and green stop/go commands at a distance for your truck scale system.

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  • Housing meets or exceeds ITE specifications
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • 8 inch LED lights, enclosure injection molded polycarbonate
  • LED modules
  • Compliant to ITE UTCSH – LED circular signal
  • Temperature compensated power supplies for long LED life
  • Conformal coated power supplies
  • Intertek/ETL certified and listed on ETL certification program
  • 135 VAC


  • 4.5in outer dimension aluminum pole
  • Cast aluminum base mounts to concrete with four anchor bolts
  • Base underside has integrated anchor bolt guide to ensure proper anchor placement.
  • Removable 8in access door for cable splicing and bolt attachments
    (H x W) 15in x 13 3/4in


Part #?23146Product DescriptionSignal Kit,Traffic 2 Section, With Mounting Hardware for 4 Inch Pole 120VAC LED

Part #?85789Product DescriptionKit, Mounting Traffic Light Includes 8ft Aluminum Pole, Base & four 18 Inch Anchors. Bolts With Nuts And Washers. Option: Pole Cap (PN 179172)

Part #?179172Product DescriptionPole, Cap Aluminum 4.5in. For Traffic Light Pole. (PN 85789)

Part #?87111Product DescriptionSide Mounting Kit,Traffic Light Wall Or Pole Includes Two Universal Hub Plates Two Cast Nipples Two 10-Inch Nipples Two Ells and One Gasket

Part #?84504Product DescriptionBolt,Anchor Bent 3/4 x 18 Inch, Plain Finish, With Nut and Washer Traffic Light Mounting

Part #?160242Product DescriptionKit, Dual Traffic Light Includes (2) 23146 Traffic lights, (2) 85789 traffic light poles (1) 160208 and electrical drawing (170218).

Part #?160208Product DescriptionControl Panel, Dual Traffic Light, Manual 3-pos. Switches Labeled Red/Off/Green. Includes Legend Plates: North, South, East And West That Dealer Can Install.

Part #?163734Product DescriptionSwitch Box, Remote DIO FRP enclosure with single N/O contact push button. Includes Legend plates Print, Tare, Zero, Cancel and Accept. 72in cable

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