650-10-1 Neonatal Scale


Rice Lake?s 650-10-1 neonatal baby scale precisely weighs active babies with Motiontrap?, a special motion sensing weighing technology.

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  • Large easy-to-read 0.75 in?LCD display
  • Dual-range capacity for increased precision from 0-10 lb
  • Lb or kg locking capability
  • Automatic shut-off for long battery life
  • Motiontrap? movement compensation technology
  • Built-in measuring tape 0-23.5 in x 0.125 in (0-60 cm? x 0.25 cm)


0-10 lb x 0.05?oz (0-5 kg x 1?g)
10-33 lb x 0.1?oz (5-15 kg x 2?g)

12 VDC, provided by six AA lithium batteries (included) or AC adaptor (optional)

Battery Type:

Six Li-FeS2?batteries

Operating Temperature:
50? F to 95? F (14? C to 35? C)

5-digit LCD display, 0.75 in (1.9 mm) digit height

c-Met E113986

Two-year limited warranty


165138 Power Supply, +12.0V Wall rated input voltage 100-240V, Operating range 50/60Hz, rated input frequency 1.25mA, UL 60601-1 approved

182742 Cart, RL-PSC-10 Powder Paint Gray, (4) swivel wheels two with locks


Part #?161784Product DescriptionScale, 650-10-1 0-10lb(0-5kg) x +/-0.05oz(1g) 10-33lb(5-15kg) x +/-0.1oz(2g) Powered by Li-FeS2 Batteries or 9V AC Adaptor 120/230V auto switching with NEMA 1-15 Plug style (Batteries included, AC Adaptor Optional)

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