D400 Adult and Child Scale


Use Rice Lake’s D400 adult and child scale to safely and effectively weigh infants and children at home while being cradled in the comfort of an adult’s arms.

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  • Large, stable scale base
  • LCD display
  • Standard?or Adult and Child weighing mode
  • Tap to turn on
  • Auto power-off ensures long battery life
  • Master power switch to prevent power-on during transport
  • Units of measure: lb, kg
  • Scale capacity switches from pounds to ounces when tare function for adult weight is used
  • ?Optional carrying case


No tare entered: 0-100 lb x 0.1 lb; 100-440 lb x 0.2 lb
Tare entered: 0-100 lb x 2 oz; 100-400 lb x 4 oz
Metric: 0-50 kg x 0.05 kg; 50-200 kg x 0.1 kg

Four?AA alkaline batteries (included) or AC adaptor (included)

Battery Type:
Four?AA alkaline (included)

One-year limited warranty


107445 Carrying Case, Scale Transport Case (150-10-7, 150-10-7BT, D400)


Part #?157108 Product DescriptionScale, Digital Floor Model D400 Multi-Range:0-100lb(0-50kg) x 2oz(0.05kg)/ 100-440lb(50-200kg) x 4oz(0.1kg) Platform Dimensions: 12.68in. (L) x 12.68in. (W) x 1.97in. (H) includes 4 AA size Alkaline batteries and AC Adaptor kit with 4 multi-jack styles

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