TM59 Totalcomp Tank Mount


This assembly will convert a single ended beam into a tank mount. Totalcomp Model TSB, Nikkei Model NSB, Sensortronics Model 65023 and RTI Model 5123 are used in 500 lb to 2,500 lb capacity. Totalcomp Model TB40 or TB41 and Sensortronics Model 60040 are used in 50 lb to 250 lb capacities. The hopper or tank will be mounted firmly to the top neoprene shock absorption pad. The steel base plate is bolted to the floor or suitable structure. Zinc plated steel. Optional Stainless Steel. Add load cell from Beam section.

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 TM59-500  500lb  3.00
 TM59-1K  1,000lb  3.00
 TM59-2.5K  1,500lb – 2,500lb  4.00
 TM59-4K  4,000lb  5.00
 TM59-250-SS  50lb – 250lb  3.00
TM59-500-SS  500lb  3.00
 TM59-1K-SS  1,000lb  3.00
 TM59-2.5K-SS  1,500lb – 2,500lb  4.00
 TM59-4K-SS  4,000lb  5.00

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